Pera Media Strategies’ commitment to results has been at the core of our mission from the start and remains the essence of our success today.

We give expert care and exceptional service to all our clients. Some are focused on online media, some on traditional media, and others require an integrated mix. We assess the most effective media channels for your campaign and develop a winning strategy.

Why Choose Pera Media Strategies?

  • Dedicated: We are deeply committed to the unique goals and objectives of every client.
  • Relentless: We leave no stone unturned in achieving actionable results.
  • Resourceful: We utilize a wide range of media strategies and a diverse set of media tools and research for both traditional media channels and online advertising.
  • Flexible: We work as a responsive, experienced team of marketing experts at a fraction of the traditional advertising agency rates.
  • Motivated: We are continually seeking out new media opportunities for client expansion and growth.

What really sets us apart…

… Is our seamless cross-channel integration capabilities. We take the results and data from one campaign component and use it to optimize others. We develop strategic short- and long- term plans with your input and follow up with a tactical execution of the media mix.

… AND our comprehensive research. It is a priority for Pera Media Strategies to develop a complete understanding of our client’s economic model, target consumer, and competitors. This understanding allows us to make relevant media choices and execute flawlessly.

… AND our style! We pride ourselves on being open, honest and easy to work with and we report on results and communicate strategic direction clearly and thoughtfully.

Let us show you a better way to develop your online or offline marketing strategy: the Pera Media Strategies way!